Deborah Shneider Smith moved to Massachusetts from Connecticut in 1956, at the age of 7, and has lived here ever since. Thus, New England is truly a part of her psyche. Born under the Earth sign of triple Taurus, (sun, moon and rising sun, for those interested) how could she help but feeling one with the Earth?

Growing up in an artistic, musical family, Deborah always gravitated to the arts. She graduated in Fine Arts from Brandeis University, where her emphasis was on life drawing, especially portraits.

She has lived in Maynard, Massachusetts since 1981, with her husband Steve Smith, where they raised two awesome sons, Zachary and Jesse.

Deborah parlayed her drawing skills into founding Card-Art, a note card company that focused on her drawings of favorite pets. For twenty years, one could find her boxed notes in some of New England's finest gift stores.

For over 20 years, Deborah has been a preschool teacher, and loves this line of work immensely.

Photography was always a hobby for Deborah along the way. In 2010 she bought a digital camera with a great zoom lens, and started pursuing photography with a real passion.

And that is where things stand today!